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Len Yurovsky is a American fine artist based between Rome, Paris and Miami. He works mainly in acrylic on canvas but also has worked extensively in oils in the past. His style is very unique- working within abstract expressionism with a vitality of specific realism.


His use and balance of vibrant color is distinctive and original. Len’s paintings are composed with unique strokes of reds, blues, yellows and large dark masses and luminous planes of vividly interwoven burning colors. Blending his signature colors with elements from the images he observes, be it landscapes, cityscapes or nudes and stills, he has developed a powerful body of abstract work that can uniquely be attributed only to his long years of observing, experimenting and perfecting his palette and rich composition.


Len grew up under a prolific landscape artist, his father Yuri Yurovsky (1913-2008) born in Kiev and working from the 1930's through to the 90's representing the elder generation of twentieth century Kievan painters, a brilliant master of colors, master of still life and landscape, one of the top colorists in the world of his period. Yuri has succeeded in passing on his innovative techniques, including working 'plein air'.


Len notes about his father “Growing up with my father’s paintings at his studio in Kiev, I learned to paint by watching my father, he was not able to paint freely under the Soviet mandate which banned abstract expressionism, yet he continued with an unstoppable drive to persistently paint and experiment with colors freely, and his commitment to his work was deeply inspiring”


Len Yurovsky also finds great inspiration from his travels in Italy and France, places he is passionate about. He interprets the landscapes and cityscapes in particular, Rome, Paris, Portofino, Positano, Tuscany, Venice, Amalfi and many more, painting not just from what he sees but what he feels with intense expressiveness, rhythm of colorful masses, and large emotional and internal energy. His nude paintings are often interconnected with landscapes and still life, merging and creating a colorful experience of place, emotions and person on canvas.


Over the years many collectors, mainly from the USA, the UK, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Spain, France, Ireland and many more have acquired his works.


Throughout travels in Europe, particularly France and Italy, Len Yurovsky has been in contact with and exposed to fashion and fabric designers who have expressed interest in his works and see a great potential for collaboration by integrating his paintings and powerful imagery in fabric, clothing and accessory productions.


Short biography:


Degree in Fine Art Kiev School of Arts, Ukraine

Art International Expo Miami

Art Basel Miami

Art Expo New York

Best Portrait, Mort Hyman Memorial Award, Greenwich  village, New York

Exhibition of Still Life, Kiev

Exhibition of landscape painters Moscow


Recent corporate and private buyers:


Sprint, USA

Cardinal Offices of the Vatican

US Second Secretary Embassy of USA in Roma

Queen's University of Belfast Northern Ireland

Sylvia Coveri, MD Enrico Coveri Designs Milan

Jeff Truesdell People magazine USA

Woody Allen, American screenwriter, director, actor, comedian, jazz musician, author, and playwright.

Pamela and William Randolph Hearst II.

Contemporary Original Paintings Acrylic on Canvas All sizes in inches

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