Original Acrylic Paintings

How To Buy the Paintings

Email me for a price list of available paintings

Payment can be made using credit/debit cards through PayPal. Once you select your painting you can click on Buy Now button located at the end of the page and enter the price or I can send you an email with a PayPal Invoice. It is simple and secure.


If you want to pay using a bank transfer, one day after the payment have been deposited in the account, the painting will be shipped to your address.

I ship you the painting as soon as I receive your payment via FEDEX courier or UPS and you will receive it within 3-5 business days

Returns are accepted, no questions asked, within a week of delivery, painting
must be returned in its original condition. I will refund your full purchase
price minus shipping and handling costs immediately upon receiving the painting

If you have any other questions, please, contact me - I will be happy to talk
to you.




Resent Feedback from the art collectors

We wish you much success in the future with your career.  You are a very talented artist and we are happy to own one of your paintings.
The painting has arrived -- and it's even more vibrant and wonderful than I remembered. 


I was in Rome only for one night, and had been in the city for just three hours when I wandered unexpectedly into the Piazza Navona. It was not my intention to purchase any art that evening. But I saw your painting, and I could not take my eyes away. I kept coming back to it. I've learned than when art speaks to you, you have to listen -- and again, I appreciate your willingness to work with me and make that painting available. I am pleased and honored to finally have it in my possession, and look forward to displaying it in the proper manner. Thank you again.  

Dear Len,
Thank you for your wonderful works!
We are very happy to meet you in Piazza Navona during our vacation in Italy this summer.
The pictures of yours that we have in our house are more complete now then we have knowen the Author.
Maybe you will like to have the photo we took those evening. It's very valuable for us.
Wishing you good luck in the artistic field and happiness in your private life,
your fans from Poland   

Hi Len,
Whilst travelling from Australia, my husband and I purchased a painting from you 2 years ago in Italy. It was an oil painting of Portofino, Italy - a fantastic, bright, colourful piece of artwork! 
We are wanting to purchase up to 2-3 more pieces. Do you have a website or catalogue that we could view and purchase from? Would really appreciate any further information.
Thankyou and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you very much. Especially the first one gives us a very concrete idea of the "3D" effect that we had talked about and I couldn`t exactely visualize, as I can now. And it`s true: it helps the painting to point out. In the meantime I found the perfect place for it - the dark wall`s colour reflects one of the paintings blue/green shades, and it will look fabulous! I`m very happy that we`ve meat you and bought your work. Be sure we will allways contact you for more, if we find another corner - we`re running out of space!!!
But while looking for your answer: I thought that you had talked about your facebook page, and that you might have sent it there. So I went to facebook, found you easily and I must confess that it was a real discovery! We`ve spent allready some hours admiring your Romshop, the way to reach it, Rom by night, in the fifties, laughing with your sense of humour...a lot of your beautifull contributions that have delighted us!
Thank you Len, for all that.
I wish you all the best and say farewell untill next time,
Isalinda Schattner